Project management services

Are you looking to achieve your holiday home dream but don’t know where to start? 
Look no further than A&K Improvement! 
Our team of experienced project managers will help you bring your vision to life, from start to finish. 
With our expertise and attention to detail, we’ll ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. 
Don’t let the stress of managing a project hold you back from achieving your dream. 
Contact us today and let us help you make it a reality!

Typical tasks that we can do in your project.

Before the project start
  • Contact builders to get tenders
  • Help you choose builders
  • Help you negotiate contract
  • Help you sign contract
  • Define project priority (quality vs cost vs time)
  • Make a project plan
During project execution
  • Arrange kick-off meeting with builders to communicate scope and explain how we are going to follow up the project
  • Follow up quality, budget and progress at agreed intervals according to your priority
  • Coordinate the different builders
  • Document quality (pictures, etc.)
  • Report to you on agreed intervals, and when needed
  • Solve issues that may arise during the project
After project is finished
  • Quality control with builders
  • Close the project
  • Deliver documentation to you
  • Evaluate project
  • Make reference case