Interior services

Are you tired of your interior, or do you just want to make your home look more appealing and enjoyable place for you and your guests to stay.
Look no further than A&K Improvement! 
Improving the interior of you home can also increase the value of your property and make it more attractive to potential renters.
Our interior expert can help you keep up with the latest trends in interior design, ensuring that your property remains competitive in the rental market.
Contact us today and let us help you make it a reality!

Typical tasks that we can assist you with: 

Interior advising
  • In-home consultation - idea session
    • Floor and space planning
    • Colorschemes planning
    • Lightning planning
    • Furniture and decoration planning
      • Fabric and accessories selections
  • Interior renderings in 2D/3D for visual representation
  • Shopping assistance
    • Shopping trips with you for furniture and decoration
    • Shopping assistance for furniture and decoration when you are not in Spain
  • Order furniture and decoration
  • Coordinate transport and delivery
  • Manage installation of furnitures and decoration
  • Coordinate different craftsmen (painting/polishing, etc.)