The Story Behind A&K Improvement - A Costly Experience

A significant reason for the founding of A&K Improvement in Marbella, which assists Scandinavians and English speaking people in improving their holiday homes, are based on our own challenging experiences.

It all began in the fall of 2017 when we wanted to renovate the terrace of our apartment in Marbella. The terrace was equipped with small terracotta tiles, and we wanted to give it a brighter and more delicate look.

Fortunately, Anita speaks fluent Spanish. After intensive use of Google and many phone calls, we made an agreement with a craftsman to carry out the project.

We secured a contract with clear descriptions, prices, guarantees, start and end dates. The craftsman assured us that the work would be completed when we returned in early October.

Unfortunately, when we returned in October, the work was far from finished, and the terrace was chaotic and unusable. The boss of the craftsmen, of course, had a variety of excuses for why the project was delayed.

Although we were disappointed with the progress, the quality of the work that had been done was satisfactory. After a few weeks of waiting, the terrace was finally completed, and we could finaly enjoy it.

During 2018 and 2019, we began to get tired of our outdated bathrooms with bathtubs and decided to undergo a complete renovation of the bathrooms. After thorough planning and bidding, we chose a craftsman for the project.

We entered into a new contract with clear terms and guarantees. Unfortunately, we again experienced delays and communication problems.

This time, the problems were so significant that we eventually had to travel to Marbella in the summer of 2020 to terminate our cooperation with the craftsman and hire another craftsman to complete the work. The result was ultimately satisfactory, but the costs escalated significantly.

Example of poor work.....

They did not understand that we did not accept this
solution of providing water to the toilet.......

We contacted the first craftsman for a refund due to poor work, but it yielded no results. It was an expensive lesson learned.

This experience inspired us to found A&K Improvement, where we provide project management and advice in interior and smart home solutions for improving holiday homes on Costa del Sol. 

We look forward to helping others realize their dream homes on Costa del Sol without the worries we experienced.

Anita, with her background from the construction industry in Norway, and I, with my technology background, are super excited for this exciting journey.

We look forward to the future and hope to provide many clients with the opportunity to upgrade their holiday homes and enjoy life on the Costa del Sol without worrying about improvement project issues.

Anita & Kai

A&K Improvement Services SL, Kai Atle Rod September 26, 2023
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